November 18 - 21st , 2021
A 4-day Virtual Event Designed Specifically to 
Amplify the Impact 
of Clinician Entrepreneurs
Keynote Speaker
Implementation Sessions
days of networking/ net-worthing
FelloW Impact SeEkers
“Impact Lives was an incredible, life changing event! The content was actionable, the networking valuable and Meghan’s honest (and entertaining) style left every participant with new ideas to take their business to the next level. I highly recommend that you take the time to join this event, you will be so glad you did!!”

- Bonnie Flemmington R.H.N
Impact LIVEs is THE event for practitioners looking to leverage their training as a force for massive positive impact. It is about up-levelling and activating your potential as a Clinician Entrepreneur.  

This year’s theme is Marketing. And it’s a powerful one. 

We’re walking you through our proven Impact marketing system step-by-step with leaders in the industry. 

Impact LIVEs 2021 is about being inspired AND getting things done. 
We take action LIVE in real time over the course of the weekend. 
Over the course of the event, you will:
  • Learn & execute on a marketing strategy that feels aligned and ACTUALLY works
  • Gain the mindset and the tactics required to help reach more people and GROW your business


Amy Porterfield

Marketing Expert

Natasha Hemmingway

Heart Not Hustle

Chris Cameron


Jam Gamble

Slay The Mic

Mike Kim

Bestselling Author
'You Are the Brand'

Katy Prince

The Squirm-Free School of Business

Adele Tevlin

CEO & Founder
The CEO Blueprint

Brandy Kinnear

Your Ideal Patients

Uli Iserloh

Big Boost Marketing

Sara Best

Consistency Coach School

Braden Urquhart

CEO & Founder
Patient Base

Shaa Wusmund

MBE & Best Selling Author "How To Fix Your Sh*t"

Theresa Depasquale

Capture Social Group

Lynya Floyd

Impacting Millions

Ashley Koff

CEO, The Better Nutrition Program

Brandy Kinnear
Your Ideal Patients

Uli Iserloh
Big Boost Marketing

Adele Tevlin
The CEO Blueprint


Dr. Christina Bjorndal, ND

Elan Zusman

Your Host & 
Chief Cheerleader
Dr. Meghan Walker, ND
I am an Entrepologist (On-tre-polo-gist) and recovering Naturopathic Doctor, obsessed with the intersection between health, high performance and entrepreneurship. 

I work with Clinician Entrepreneurs and business owners in the health and wellness space to create the impact and income that aligns with their purpose. 

I host my podcast, raise my family , create programs and build businesses that align with my purpose and core belief – that when people have their health, they can change the world. 

I am here to lend innovative thinking, disruptive approaches and unwavering support to those who are on a mission to leave the world better than they found it. 
  • Founded and sold my first business by 21
  • ​Practiced for 12 years as a Naturopathic Doctor 
  • ​Built multiple 7-figure businesses
  • ​Mother to 3 beautiful girls
  • ​Chief Cheerleader of Clinician Business Labs
  • ​Host of the Entrepology Podcast
  • ​CEO and Co-Founder Health Hives
  • ​Host and Founder Impact LIVEs

Over the course of the event, you will build out your own marketing roadmap 
using our proven Impact Marketing System. 






& Breakout Rooms


Open Office Hours with Speakers & Coaches


November 10th at 4pm EST

November 15th at 7pm EST

November 17th at 7pm EST


Thursday November 18th

8am - 10am EST - Online Registration

10am EST - State of the Industry with Meghan Walker

10:30am EST - The Lost Art of Getting SH&!T done with Shaa Wasmund

11:15am EST - Impact Lab #1: The IMPACT Marketing (Life) System with Meghan Walker

12pm EST - Sponsored Networking Lunch Tables 

1pm EST - The 5 Online Marketing Strategies That Make The Biggest Impact with Amy Porterfield

2pm EST - Impact Lab #2: What Are You Selling vs. What People Want with Meghan Walker

3:30pm EST - How to Sell with Heart Not Hustle with Natasha Hemmingway

5pm EST - PR Insider: Red Carpet & Award Ceremony with Meghan Walker & Lynya Floyd

Friday November 19th

8:30 - 10am EST - Online Registration

10am EST - Impact Lab #3: Traffic & Trust with Meghan Walker

11am EST - How a Quiz Can Generate New Leads Like a Magnet! with Brandy Kinnear

11:45am EST - How Personalization is Your Competitive Advantage with Ashley Koff 

12pm EST - The Clinician Code Lunch 

2pm EST - Three Stories That Sell and Exactly How to Tell Them with Mike Kim

2:45pm EST - Level Up Your Voice with Jam Gamble

3:20pm EST - Impact Lab #4: Crafting Your Signature Talk with Meghan Walker

4:30pm EST - VIP ONLY EVENT: Hot Seat Coaching with Meghan Walker

5pm EST - SPECIAL EVENT: Fun with Funnels

Saturday November 20th

10am EST - Opening Remarks with Meghan Walker

10:30am EST - 

Breakout Session #1: Build Your Own High-Converting and Squirm-Free Sales Page with Katy Prince

Breakout Session #2: The Fortune is in the Follow Up: Nurturing Prospects into Paying Clients with Uli Iserloh

11:45am EST - 

Breakout Session #3: Crickets to Community: Building an Engaged and Effective Facebook Group That Grows Your Business with Sara Best

Breakout Session #4: Instagram Secrets: How to Grow an Engaged Following with Theresa Depasquale

1:30pm EST - Impact Lab #5: The Million Dollar Model with Meghan Walker

2:05pm EST - The Impact Mindset with Adele Tevlin

2:40pm EST - Closing Ceromonies

Sunday November 21st

10am EST - Q&A with a Best Selling Author with Sara Glashagel

10:30am EST - How To Build An Irresistible High Ticket Offer For Your Practice with Kashif Khan

11am EST - Offering Programs as a Regulated Clinician with Sylvi Martin

11:30am EST - Social Selling with Alicia Macpherson

12pm EST - Building a High Converting Website with Braden Urquhart

1pm EST - Hiring Admin Support 101 with Julie Durnan

1:30pm EST - Brand Planner 2022 with Nicole Harlow

2pm EST - The 3 Stories That Sell with Mike Kim

2:30pm EST - Sell with Heart Not Hustle with Natasha Hemmingway






Impact LIVEs is NOT for everyone. 
Pre-Qualify Yourself by Profession and Mindset

If you are a:
  •  Naturopathic Doctor
  •  Chiropractor
  • ​Medical Doctor
  • ​DO
  •  Functional Medicine Practitioner 
  •  Nutritionist
  •  Physiotherapist 
  •  Holistic Dentist 
  •  Counsellor 
  •  Health Coach 
  •  Trainer 
  • ​An abundant mindset
  •  Passion for helping others 
  •  An inclination towards IMPACT 
  •  A vision for scaled contribution 
  •  A desire for financial independence 
  •  A commitment towards self-actualization 
  •  An excitement for thinking outside the box 
  •  A propensity for growth 
You Can Expect:
  • ​Strategy
  •  Tactics for growth 
  •  A framework for greater income 
  •  A platform for amplified impact 
  •  Increased Confidence
  •  Renewed Excitement for Your career
  •  The discovery of your impact powers
  •  Tactics to Achieving Balance while Building your Life
“Dr. Meghan Walker is a rockstar! I recommend her  to anyone looking to take a leap with their business or business concept. Dr. Meghan challenges you to think big, and offers tangible tools and advice to move your forward in the direction of your dreams, sooner.”

- Vanessa Ast-Biller 
PT. Pelvic Floor Specialist & Founder, Vastfit



2- Day All Access Pass
(Valued at $900)

  • Access to all speakers & trainings on Day 1 & 2
  • Digital Workbook & Impact Marketing Roadmap
  • ​$50 Clinician Business Labs Gift Certificate to use towards any of our programs by the end of the year
  • ​Networking & Virtual Booth Access
  • ​Impact Points & Prizes

VIP (Very Impactful Person)

4- Day All Access Pass + Event Recording
(Valued at $1999)

  • 4 Day Full Access Pass
  • Full Access Breakout Workshops & Implementation Labs
  • Full recording of the ENTIRE event
  • ​$100 Clinician Business Labs Gift Certificate to use towards any of our programs by the end of the year
  • ​Coaching: Drop in office hours with speakers & CBL Coaches
  • ​Networking & Virtual Booth Access
  • ​Impact Points & Prizes
"I wasn’t going to come to Impact LIVEs last year. I bought the ticket on a whim. When given the chance I would always prefer to hang with my family. But, not only did I show up, but I also decided to join the mastermind, again, not normally something I would do. Can I tell you, Meghan, that investment literally added $200,000 to my bottom line this year. It changed our fee schedule, program offering and clinical systems. We have room to take on more by doing less work. I can’t believe I almost didn’t come." - JR

Marketing is a leadership skill. Like with any skills in this domain, 
it needs to be handled with integrity and strategy. 
We’ve got you covered. 
“Meghan is a true leader when it comes to building innovative and thriving health-focused businesses. She’ll help you take your grand vision and turn it into actionable items to make your business activities more efficient, enjoyable and profitable.”

- Dr. Sarah Vadeboncoeur, ND
Where is this event?
Wherever you are! IMPACT LIVEs is a virtual event. 
What time does the event take place?
Each day will run from approx. 10am-5pm EST + some bonus trainings on the evening of the 17th. A detailed schedule will be posted closer to the event. For planning purposes, block yourself out for the day(s) so you don't miss out. 
What stage of practitioner is this event for?
IMPACT LIVEs is for practitioners who are ready to do what it takes to amplify their practice. It will accommodate any level of practitioner in terms of years of practice. It is a perfect event for those looking for streamlined strategies for growth, believe in working smarter, not harder and want their work to have a meaningful impact in people's lives. 
Will this event transform my business and my life?
Yes. But. True transformation requires follow-through, commitment and goal setting. We are assembling the speakers, opportunities for mindset transformation and a community of impact seekers equally committed to leaving the world a better place. Transformation and maximized Impact are our goals. 
I am highly regulated, can I incorporate what you are teaching into my practice?
This is our specialty.
I have a busy few days and might not show up live, is there a recording?
VIP participants get a recording.
Are you actually giving away a Peloton?
Yes, but you have to play full out.
Can I buy a ticket if I email you the morning after registration closes, but give lots of reasons why I couldn’t buy a ticket sooner?
Ummm, no.
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