Amplifying the Impact  of Clinician Entrepreneurs
An Event Experience Designed Specifically for Clinician Entrepreneurs
Impact LIVEs is an epic, 3-day VIRTUAL event created for visionary clinicians and practitioners in the wellness industry. 
Founded by fellow practitioner and industry leader, Dr. Meghan Walker ND (inactive),  "Impact" is THE event for practitioners looking to leverage their training as a force for massive positive impact.

Impact LIVEs is about up-levelling your mindset and activating your potential as a Clinician Entrepreneur.  
“Impact Lives was an incredible, life changing event! The content was actionable, the networking valuable and Meghan’s honest (and entertaining) style left every participant with new ideas to take their business to the next level. I highly recommend that you take the time to join this event, you will be so glad you did!!”

- Bonnie Flemmington R.H.N

2020 has been a year for the history books. Never has our education, passion and commitment been more important. 

As the world faces an unprecedented level of isolation, community matters more than ever. 

Reaching more people and magnifying our impact will not be accomplished the way it has always been done. 

There has never been a better time to diversify the way you access your patients. 

Impact LIVEs 2020 is about innovating your offer.
Diversifying your income.
Magnifying your IMPACT. 


Keynote Speaker
Implementation Sessions
days of networking/ net-worthing
FelloW Impact SeEkers
Your Host & Chief Cheerleader
Dr. Meghan Walker, ND
I believe that when people are well, they can change the world.

I want more people to be helped by what you do. 

As a naturopathic doctor, entrepologist and entrepreneur, I have a long history of building successful businesses in the health and wellness space. While maintaining a boutique practice in Toronto's downtown core, I host The Entrepology Podcast, serve as the Chief Cheerleader for Clinician Business Labs and act as an advisor and investor to various health start-ups. 

As a mother of 3 kids under nine, I want a life where I am serving my mission, while acting as a leader and mentor for my own children. 

Your success is my success. Together we will literally change the world. xo



Lynya Floyd

Dr. Meghan Walker, ND


JJ Virgin
Mindshare Collaborative

Fireside Chat: How to Leverage Community to Impact the health of thousands

Jill Stanton
Screw the Nine to Five

Fireside Chat: The Success-Crushing Lies You're Telling Yourself About Yourself and How It's Keeping You Stuck 

James Maskell
Evolution of Medicine 

The Community Cure - Transforming Health Outcomes

Dr. Stacy Thomas
Design Your Life Centre

Embracing The Call to Lead

Dr. Michelle Peris, ND
Wild Collective

How To Create Meaningful Impact & Scale Your Clinical Practice With Group Health 

Dr. Shyamala Kiru
The EQ Lab

Fearless Leadership: The Science of Showing Up 

Dr. Sandra Scheinbaum
Functional Medicine Coaching Academy

Adding a Health Coach to your Practice or Program

Selena Soo
Impacting Millions

How PR can 10x your income and impact

Nathalie Garcia 
Practice Better

How to pick the technology to delivery your group program 

Adele Tevlin

Mindset Mastery

“I Highly recommend this event! Gets you thinking outside the box and will help you work on your practice and business in a very strategic way. A great way to get a jump start on all the things you wish you made time to do and you’ll connect with like-minded, motivated, and passionate individuals that can help you along your journey!”

- Dr. Kathryn Urquhart, ND
Impact LIVEs is NOT for everyone. 
Pre-Qualify Yourself by Profession and Mindset

If you are a:
  •  Naturopathic Doctor
  •  Chiropractor
  • ​Medical Doctor
  • ​DO
  •  Functional Medicine Practitioner 
  •  Nutritionist
  •  Physiotherapist 
  •  Holistic Dentist 
  •  Counsellor 
  •  Health Coach 
  •  Trainer 
  • ​An abundant mindset
  •  Passion for helping others 
  •  An inclination towards IMPACT 
  •  A vision for scaled contribution 
  •  A desire for financial independence 
  •  A commitment towards self-actualization 
  •  An excitement for thinking outside the box 
  •  A propensity for growth 
You Can Expect:
  • ​Strategy
  •  Tactics for growth 
  •  A framework for greater income 
  •  A platform for amplified impact 
  •  Increased Confidence
  •  Renewed Excitement for Your career
  •  The Discovery of Your Tribe 
  •  Tactics to Achieving Balance while Building your Life

What Do I Get to Experience With My Ticket?

Impact LIVEs 2020 is about being inspired AND getting things done. Over the course of the three days, we will build the framework and execution strategy for an in-person or online group program. We will position you as the leader of your community and we will equip you with the mindset and the tactics to not only recession-proof your practice, but to help it grow in 2021.



Day 1 - Mindset

9:30a EST - Virtual Doors Open

10:00a - Event Opening

10:30a - OPENING KEYNOTE: Dr. Stacy Thomas / Who am I to Lead

11:30 - IMPLEMENTATION LAB: Meghan Walker - The Mindset of an Innovator


1:00p - PARAGON AWARDS: Clinician/Trainer/Coach of the Year

1:15p - KEYNOTE 2: Dr. Shyamala Kiru / Fearless Leadership: The Science of Showing Up 

2:15p - FIRESIDE CHAT: Jill Stanton / The Success-Crushing Lies You're Telling Yourself About Yourself and How It's Keeping You Stuck (and how to leverage and build exceptional Facebook Groups)

3:15p - IMPLEMENTATION LAB: Meghan Walker/ How to decide on the next offer for your practice

4:00p - PARAGON AWARDS: Product, Software of the Year and CEOs to Watch

4:30p - Day Close

5:00p - Social Hour - Get to know the movers and shakers of the industry in an utterly fun manner. 

6:00p - Day closes for real.

Day 2 - Tactics

9:30a EST - Virtual Doors Open

10:00a - Event Opening

10:15a - State of the Industry & Emerging Trends - Meghan Walker

10:30a - FIRESIDE CHAT: JJ Virgin / How to build exceptional communities and impact

11:30a - PARAGON AWARDS: Content/Educator/Author of the Year

12:00p - Clinician Code Lunch

1:15p - IMPLEMENTATION LAB: Meghan Walker / How to Build a Group Program (even if you are regulated)

2:15p - KEYNOTE 3: James Maskell / The Community Cure - How group programs will transform medicine

3:15p - PARAGON AWARDS: Podcast/Community Leader/Industry Champion of the Year

3:30p - IMPLEMENTATION LAB: Meghan Walker / Delivering your Group Program

4:30p - Day Close

4:45p - Coaching Hot Seats with Meghan Walker and Jen Oliver

5:45p - Day Closes for Real

Day 3 - Advanced Strategy

9:30a EST - Virtual Doors Open

10:15a - BREAKOUT SESSIONS 1 & 2
Dr. Sandra Scheinbaum - How to incorporate a Health Coach into your practice and group program

Selena Soo - How to leverage PR to impact millions

11:45a IMPLEMENTATION LAB: Meghan WalkerPricing and Launching your Group Program

12:30p - BREAKOUT SESSIONS 3 & 4
Natalie Garcia - How to select and leverage technology to deliver your group program online

Dr. Michelle Peris - How to design a scalable group program that WORKS

2:00p - MINDSET MASTERY with Adele Tevlin & Closing Ceremony


IMPACT LIVES not an event, it is a movement. Bring your Wolfpack. EARN AN INVITE.

Mark Wade

Building Authority and Influence in the Online Space

Meghan Walker

Creating the Perfectly Planned 2021

Theresa Despasquale

Doubling the Size and Impact of your Instagram account in 2021

Are you the kind of person who would give up 3 days to increase your income and impact 3-fold over the next quarter? AS IMPORTANTLY, DO YOU HANG WITH THOSE PEOPLE AS WELL?
We firmly believe that you help more people, not by lowering your fees, but by innovating your offering. We also believe in leading by example. Philanthropy is a mindset and it is possible for ALL of us to make a financial contribution to our broader community. 

Based on YOUR recommendations, provided during Paragon voting, we have selected two recipient organizations who will benefit from every Impact LIVEs ticket sold. 


2-Day All Access Pass
  • $5 from the sale of your ticket purchase to be donated to charity
  • Access to all of the Raise your Rates Challenge Content (including all of the bonus lives and mindset training with Susan Hobson)
  • Access to all speakers and training on Day 1 & 2 
  • Digital Workbook
  • $50 Clinician Business Labs Gift Certificate to be used on any of our programs before the end of the year
VIP (Very Impactful Person)
3-Day All Access Pass + Breakout Recordings
  • $10 from the sale of your ticket purchase to be donated to charity
  • Everything in the Go-Getter Ticket PLUS
  • 3-Day All Access Pass to Speakers and Trainings
  • Swag Box (including workbook and weekend tools) delivered to your home (if you register by November 8th)
  • Private Coaching Session with a member of the CBL mentorship team
  • Access to and recordings of all of the breakout sessions on Saturday (because you can't be everywhere at once)
  • Invite to the Clinician Code Lunch
  • $250 Clinician Business Labs Gift Certificate to be used on any of our programs before the end of the year
VIP Platinum
3-Day All Access Pass + All Recordings
  • $20 from the sale of your ticket purchase to be donated to charity
  • Everything from Go-Getter and VIP PLUS
  • Recording of the whole darn event
  • VIP Swag Box (including workbook and weekend tools) delivered to your home (if you register by November 8th)
  • $500 Clinician Business Labs Gift Certificate to be used on any of our programs before the end of the year

Your Supporters

The Paragon Awards honour the contributions of our community. Through impact, innovation and philanthropy, we are changing people's lives everyday. Celebrating the success and contribution of our tribe is a pre-requisite for abundance in our own lives. 

As a community, we will nominate and vote for those who have made the greatest contribution over the past year. A rising tide lifts all ships. Celebrate your community through nominations, voting and cheering for your fellow wellness warriors at our VIRTUAL PARAGON AWARDS "GALAs" - Happening throughout the weekend event.
3 Epic Days (& you will never be the same)
Industry Leaders Coaching YOU, in real-time, from Stage
Action Focused Implementation Session to 
Accelerate your Growth
"Running a successful practice means creating sustainable revenue and a time management system that prevents burnout. This is not an intuitive process. When implemented properly, it refocusses you on building more than your business, it enables you to build your life."
Big impact is not a matter of working hard. 
Big Impact requires an expansive mindset, possible only when you release the blocks that tether you.
“Meghan is a true leader when it comes to building innovative and thriving health-focused businesses. She’ll help you take your grand vision and turn it into actionable items to make your business activities more efficient, enjoyable and profitable.”

- Dr. Sarah Vadeboncoeur, ND
Where is this event?
Wherever you are! IMPACT LIVEs is going virtual this year and it's going to be just as epic- we promise.
What stage of practitioner is this event for?
IMPACT LIVEs is for practitioners who are ready to do what it takes to amplify their practice. It will accommodate any level of practitioner in terms of years of practice. It is a perfect event for those looking for streamlined strategies for growth, believe in working smarter, not harder and want their work to have meaningful impact in people's lives. 
Will this event transform my business and my life?
Yes. But. True transformation requires follow-through, commitment and goal setting. We are assembling the speakers, opportunities for mindset transformation and a community of impact seekers equally committed to leaving the world a better place. Transformation and maximized Impact are our goals. 
What's the dress code?
Come as comfy as you'd like - that's the beauty of zoom. But, you will need to have your camera on... so get dressed. 
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